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Luce Puppet Co.

Mousecracker DVD

The all-mouse, Emmy Award winning DVD featuring Tchaikovsky’s enchanting music.

This heartwarming, all-mouse, puppet version of Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet suite will delight children of all ages.

It’s a cold winter’s night in the Mouse Valley and magic is in the air! The mysterious old toymaker, Drosselmouser, has given his niece Clara a very special Nutcracker Mouse Prince. When an unexpected appearance from the King of Cats threatens Clara’s safety, a magic touch from the Sugar Plum Fairy’s wand brings the Mousecracker Prince to life, and he and Clara are whisked away for a delightful evening of entertainment by the citizens of the Kingdom of Sweets. Meet the daring Arabian snake charmer, the electrifying Russian dancers, a bumptious dancing candy cane, the mischievous Baby Bon Bon, and more!

Newly Remastered and available for purchase

$15.00 + tax